Company Profile


PEYBORD Advanced Laboratory Science Co (PALS) is a well-known first class analytical company, based in Tehran-Iran, active in the field of advanced laboratory market. PEYBORD distributes a wide range of laboratory products to our big network of analytical and life science customers in different industries, research and development centers and QC labs such as: universities, pharmaceutical companies, mining and steel companies, cement and glass manufacturers, oil, gas and petrochemical companies, Food and Drug control labs, hospitals and so on.


PEYBORD have a team of expert sales person, experienced service engineers and professional application filed scientists that provide supreme quality services and delivering the world’s most cutting edge technologies to analytical and life science laboratories in Iran.


The company management team is closely involved in all aspects of the company operations and the result is a network of close-knit relations and long-term partnerships based on mutual benefit with customers in a variety of industries, research centers and control labs in Iran.


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